Our Mission is

10 Million Bibles for 10 Million Souls

We are Victorious Christian Harvesters sent to preach the gospel. God wishes that all would be saved (1 Timothy 2:3-4) and that none would perish (2 Peter. 3:9), and SO DO WE!

Bibles Distributed

Souls Saved!

Vision Statement

Who We Are

President David Blanchard received a vision from the Lord in 1990 while praying. He saw the country of Mexico covered with ocean waves. When they departed they left big black Bibles with crosses on them all over the land. The Lord spoke clearly that His Word will not return void without accomplishing what He set it forth to do.

Gospel Distribution

Giving out free Bibles allows us to distribute the gospel to those in need.  10 million Bibles for 10 million souls.

Training Soul Winners

Invasions allow us to take the gospel into a city at a large scale. We train up the local churches in a community to preach the gospel in their cities.

Equipping Nationals

The International Harvesters Institute (IHI) was started to train up nationals to destroy the works of the devil.

Mission Trips

Youth mission teams get an opportunity to experience God in a new way while reaching out to preach the gospel.

Church Planting

The Bible commands us to go to church, but some communities don’t have a church in their area.  We are dedicated to giving people a church family they can call their own.


Your Mission Trip Awaits!

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Call us at (956) 727-0059 or email us a missions@vcharvesters.org!

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    Which Trip or Trips are you interested in?

    Jun 3-9: Nuevo Laredo / Youth Evangelism
    Jun 14-20: Nuevo Laredo / Youth Evangelism
    Jun 14-20: Mexico City / Youth Evangelism
    Jun 24-30: ElSalvador / Youth Evangelism
    Oct 27 - Nov 3: Adult Medical Mission Trip
    Dec 9-11: Nuevo Laredo Children's Distribution
    Summer Internship Program


    Partner with us!

    Help us distribute the gospel, plant churches and see lives changed for Jesus Christ! The people of Mexico, Cuba, and El Salvador are desperate for hope and you can help them find it.

    New Roof = $1,500
    1 Room House = $4,500
    2 Room House = $6,500
    3 Room House = $8,500
    Church Built = $50,000
    INVASION = $12,000

    Donate Online

    With PayPal you can easily and securely donate directly to VCH using your credit card or PayPal account.

    Donate By Phone

    For credit / debit card donations by phone, or to setup a recurring donation, contact our office at: 

    (956) 727-0059

    Donate By Mail

    All donations by mail can be sent to this address:

    Victorious Christian Harvesters
    P.O.Box 450108
    Laredo, TX 78045

    Donate Supplies

    VCH also has a need of supplies and equipment. If you have something from the list below that you would like to donate, please contact our office.

    (956) 727-0059


    Supply List
    • Spanish Bibles and tracts
    • Non-perishable food items, such as: Beans; Rice; Cooking oil; Canned juices; Canned vegetables; Flour; Sugar
    • Personal hygiene products
    • Laundry detergent
    • Disposable diapers (all sizes)
    • Baby formula and bottles
    • School supplies
    • New clothing items (especially children’s)
    • Toys
    • Tools
    • Construction materials
    • Vehicles