One of the primary methods we use to evangelize are street dramas. They are very effective to attract a crowd, break the ice, and portray the gospel message in a captivating and easily understood format. If you’re coming on an evangelism mission trip with us, your team will need to learn and prepare the dramas they’ll be using.

The Cure / Cura

We were created with purpose; but something happened, health and stability, both physical and emotional, was stolen from us. God - through Jesus - took all ailments and diseases to show himself as a saving God; Full of love but powerful to bring healing and freedom both physical, psychological and emotional by giving us back what was stolen from us.

Exchange / Intercambio

Christ came to make an exchange - our sin for his righteousness.  It is this complete change of roles which saved us from our bad decisions.  The perfect and eternal love of God give us his Son Jesus to take what separated us from Him - our mistakes - to the cross so that through his death and resurrection we have the free decision to have a relationship with Him.

Hunger / Hambre

Each of us is hungry with a void that cannot be filled by things of this world. This void leads us to search the world for something to fill ourselves with, but the world only leaves us feeling more and more empty.  Reaching difficult situations and strange experiences, we realize that Jesus is the only way to fill the void in our lives.


A fun skill illustrating the contamination and transfer of sickness and diseases from one person to the "doctor".  Illustrating and foreshadowing the same thing that Jesus did for us on the Cross.

Heart / Corazón

Without limits and by habit; we compromise our heart giving it to feel loved being adrift from being mocked and hurt living a pain that was not created for anyone, compromising beyond and forgetting the true love that only God can give, leaving us with a broken and sad heart; But God lovingly heals and takes his primary place in our hearts.

Blind / Ciego

A complete darkness and guided by our surroundings, we reach the point of an imbalance and loss of control of our actions, affecting every part of us, manipulated and subjected to sins and mistakes; But Jesus to be a light and guide to show us the truth and give us salvation by removing all blindness and taking all fault on the cross, in order to be able to draw closer to the father for eternity.