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“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,”

Ephesians 1:19 NIV

Nuevo Laredo

  • Governor of Tamaulipas: Francisco Garcia Cadeza de Vaca
  • The mayor: Oscar Enrique Rivas
  • Police
  • Soldiers
  • Marine
  • Pastors and their churches (unity and revival)
  • Anchor of Hope Church
  • Church Restoration: Pastor Arnulfo
  • Church Mana del cielo: Pastora Rosaura
  • That the people saved remain in God
  • People to disciple, open homes to disciple
  • Open hearts, understanding to the word of God of disciples
  • Peace and Safety for Colonies Voluntad 1,2,3 and 4
  • By a revival in Nuevo Laredo
  • That the members of each poster have a real meeting with God

“They have righteousness, truth, honesty, fidelity, loyalty.”

International Institute of Harvesters

  • Apostle David and Donna Blanchard
  • Flow of the Holy Spirit and the gifts in the IIC
  • Staff, Media Equipment, Ministry of Praise Safety and Protection
  • Students (real encounter with God, hearts passionate by God, who are transformed into the image of God, who never turn away from God)
  • Health of Sponsors, Managers, Staff and Students
  • By sponsors and for new
  • IIC, Staff and Staff Finance
  • Ministry of Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Dining room: Jire 1, Jire 2 and Mana del Sky
  • Construction of the auditorium (metallic structure)
  • Churches and pastors of the c.c.c.e.a.
  • For the souls won
  • By graduated and next students to graduate
  • Recruitment of new students
  • Net and IIC team
  • By the family of Staff and students
  • More missionaries full time
  • Missionary mechanic
  • Mission Travel Assistant
  • A group of intercession for IIC
  • Church “Faro”
  • Ministry of Houses and Ceilings

Children’s Ministry Department

  • May God add passionate workers for the ministry
  • May each child have a real encounter with God
  • Staff and students find grace with the children
  • That the heart of the parents turns to the heart of the children and that of the children to their parents
  • New resources and strategies
  • Spiritual protection for children
  • Loving each child as God loves them

Prison ministry

  • Sponsors for ministry
  • May they soon enter to minister to the prisoners
  • For the shepherds who are inside the prison
  • Peace and strength for the prisoners and their families


  • Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (wisdom and fear of God)
  • Governors
  • Senators and deputies
  • cops
  • National Army
  • Marine
  • Approval of laws in favor of the church
  • Abolition of laws that are against the word of God
  • Churches and Pastors (Unity and Revival)
  • Protection and finances for pastors and missionaries
  • Prediction of the word in all ethnic groups
  • The saved have a real encounter with God
  • By the persecuted churches
  • Pandemic: May it serve to draw closer to God and may it end soon, for the sick and the health team
  • Natural disasters
  • May the prophetic word of revival come true in Mexico

The nations of the world

  • For Finance, safety, protection, provision, health, strength, divine connections for missionaries.
  • Missionaries in Bali, Indonesia: Wings International Team (Rebeca Blanchard, Becca, Stephen, Ismael Garza, Chantel, Kelly)
  • Finances (personal sponsors and to pay the rent of the house)
  • Children who have accepted Jesus into their hearts, have a real encounter with God.
  • Local staff or people who speak Indonesian-English are added
  • That all the team have their visas approved in Indonesia
  • Garbage Ministry in Andhara Pradesh, India (find a suitable shelter)
  • Apostol Mario (San Jose de las Lajas, Cuba)
  • Bernardo de Quezada (Camaguey, Cuba)
  • Nation of Israel
  • Nations of the world
  • Missionaries in Mexico (Bro Bob (full restoration), Joshua Haver and his family, Estefany Espino, Shane and his family)
  • Let international missionaries rise
  • Approval of visas and passports of future missionaries

Nations of the World

  • US President: Joe Biden
  • Mexico: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
  • Guatemala: Alejandro Giammattei
  • Belize: Dean Oliver Barrow
  • Canada: Justin Trudeau
  • Israel: Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Cuba: Miguel Diaz Canel
  • El Salvador: Nayib Bukele

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